Meer dan een eeuw actief voor Hoorns erfgoed

Hoorn's Religious Heritage walk: religious statues and wall panels

4. Spoorstraat

kaart We walk on to the next carved panel above the door in the long side wall of the Pietershof which faces us at the end of the canal.

The figure of Saint Petrus, Saint Peter, stands above the doorway (1617)

This was the entrance to the former monastery; the building became town property in 1572 and was converted into an old people's home.

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In Jerusalem Peter had become a prominent defender of the Christian faith. First known as Simon, he had lived in Kafamaum (Israel) earning his living as a fisherman. Jesus appointed Simon and his brother Andrew his Apostles. Jesus said to Simon "Thou art Peter, and it is upon this rock that I will build my church". He appointed him his first disciple and Head of the Church i.e. the first Pope. The Church in Jerusalem grew rapidly as a result of the miracles Peter was able to perform through Jesus. He became a fervent preacher and undertook missionary journeys to Antioch and Asia Minor, finally travelling to Rome during the rule of Caesar Nero. At that time Rome had become the centre of the known world, and it was from here that Peter wanted to proclaim to all men the belief in a resurrected Christ.

Nero wanted to put a stop to this, he had Peter arrested and condemned him to crucifixion.. Peter calmly accepted his fate only asking to die as his Master had done but upside down (he had denied Christ three times during his imprisonment and was therefore unworthy of a Christ- like crucifixion). Nero complied with his request, Saint Peter died in the roman arena in 67 (?).

Patron Saint of: Popes, butchers, glaziers, furniture makers, watchmakers, lock-smiths, plumbers. smiths, potters, bricklayers, brick makers, stonemasons, netters, fishermen, ships crew, the shipwrecked, those doing penance, confessants, virgins.
Patron Saint protecting against: theft, snakebite, rabies, fever, foot ailments, being possessed of the devil.

Saint Peter is frequently portrayed with a key (the key to the gate of Heaven).