Meer dan een eeuw actief voor Hoorns erfgoed

Hoorn's Religious Heritage walk: religious statues and wall panels

7. Breed

kaart We walk down the Kleine Noord towards the shopping centre and turn 1st Right into the Breed. Almost immediately on our right there is an old stone tablet in an otherwise uninteresting wall.

foto rechts

"Here stood the young Tobias"

The tablet shows Tobias catching a fish. An angel watches from above.

According to the Old Testament legend Tobias' father Tobit had been blinded having got bird droppings in his eyes. Also he had lent out some money and Tobias had travel far to collect it. One day during the journey the angel Rafael appeared to Tobias, he points the way and is there when Tobias catches a large fish. He tells him to take the heart, the liver and the gall-bladder home and use the gall to cure Tobit's blindness.

Tobit, his wife Anna and his young son Tobias were devout Christians. They thanked God for sending his angel and for Tobit's miraculous return to sight. All three lived to a great age, Tobias lived to be one hundred and twenty-seven!