Meer dan een eeuw actief voor Hoorns erfgoed

Hoorn's Religious Heritage walk: religious statues and wall panels

8. Ramen

kaart We cross over into the shopping precinct, the Grote Noord; and take 1st. Left the Duinsteeg, continuing on into the Ramen.

The 'ramen' were the racks formerly used to dry the felted wool that had been rinsed in the canal. which used to run down the middle of the street. We cross what is now a pleasant avenue to look at the rococo façade of the Lutheran Church (1768).

Lutheran Church

In the painted panel above the entrance there is the inscription 'How blessed art thy dwelling-places, O Lord Zebaoth!' ( Psalms 83.v.4).

In the Knox translation of the N. Testament this reads: Lord of Hosts, how I love thy dwelling place.

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